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Camp Tholo 

AddingValue and changing lives

Adventure and Leadership Activities at Camp Tholo

At Camp Tholo, we offer a variety of exciting and educational activities designed to build leadership skills, teamwork, and adventure. Below are some highlights of the Camp Tholo experience. We customize each camp to meet your unique needs.

Obstacle Course

A series of obstacles that teammates must overcome together. This activity encourages participants to:

  • Overcome fears
  • Persevere in challenging situations
  • Build team spirit and communication

Treasure Hunt

A fun nighttime activity where participants memorize charts at various checkpoints and answer questions to receive clues about the treasure’s location. This activity emphasizes the importance of attention to detail.

Amazing Race

Teams hide vouchers and create maps for their teammates to find them. Once all vouchers are collected, they are used to make a cup of tea. This activity fosters communication and teamwork.

Water Games

Various games played with water. These activities are fun and build teamwork and creative thinking.

Leadership Pairs

Teams match words with their definitions, learning key leadership qualities such as passion, humility, perseverance, sacrifice, and service.

Square Puzzle

Teams race to complete their puzzles, which are then combined to form a giant game board for an elimination game. This activity requires attention to detail, strategy, and planning.


Teams think of a unique invention and create an advertisement for it. This nighttime activity encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Team Challenges: Problem Solving

A series of activities that challenge participants' problem-solving abilities, promoting good teamwork and communication.

Leadership Solitaire

Participants write a poem about their role model, highlighting why they consider them a good leader.

Priority Pyramids

Participants rank various social and environmental issues by importance. This activity helps participants articulate and defend their viewpoints.

Battle of the Tribes

Teams complete tasks to transform into a tribe and perform an entertaining presentation about their tribe’s language and customs. This is a fun and engaging team-building exercise.

Vision Charts

Participants create posters from magazine cutouts to depict their life vision. This activity encourages self-reflection and goal setting.

Food Auction

Teams bid on and buy mystery items, some beneficial and others not. This is a fun and strategic activity.

Letter to an Animal

In a scenario where Earth is about to flood, teams decide which animal to leave behind and write a letter to it. This activity teaches environmental responsibility and teamwork.


Teams learn to use a compass to find points where they must apply first aid to a teammate. This is an excellent team-building exercise that also teaches first aid.

Team Challenges: Fun

A series of fun challenges that promote teamwork and communication.

Tholo Has Talent

Participants showcase their talents in an evening program modeled after TV talent shows.


Two team members are "kidnapped," and the remaining members complete tasks to earn money to pay the ransom. This is a favorite among campers and a great team-building activity.

Camp Songs

Teams create songs about their camp experience and what they have learned.


A time to unwind, sing songs, perform skits, tell stories, and roast marshmallows. This is an excellent way to end the camp.

By participating in these activities, campers at Camp Tholo will develop valuable skills in leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving while having a memorable and enjoyable experience.