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Camp Tholo 

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Environmental Education at Camp Tholo

Environmental education is essential for teaching individuals how natural environments function and how to manage behavior and ecosystems sustainably. Our environmental activities are both fun and educational. At Camp Tholo, we offer a wide range of environmental activities. Here are a few highlights, and we have many more activities to ensure your camp experience meets your desired outcomes.

Bush Walk

An early morning walk where participants learn about the natural environment, including plants, animals, insects, spiders, and birds.

Finding HIPPO

Teaches participants about five key environmental problems: Habitat Destruction, Introduced Species, Pollution, Population Growth, and Overconsumption.

Enviro-Picture Building

Discusses various environmental challenges such as global warming, deforestation, pollution, erosion, rural issues, and agriculture.

Water Studies

Based on the Mini SASS method, this activity teaches participants how to assess water quality in rivers and dams by examining the insects found in the water.

Listening Skills (Ecology)

Participants learn about different aspects of ecology through engaging activities.

Insect Hunt

Participants use nets to catch insects and then identify them.


Participants learn various environmental facts in a fun, interactive way.

Animal Auction

Teaches the difference between herbivores, omnivores, scavengers, and predators.

Wildlife Treasure Hunt

Participants memorize different cards and answer questions to get clues for finding a treasure.

Star Gazing

Participants learn about different objects in the night sky.

Newspaper Activity

Each day, a new environmental-themed newspaper is posted. Participants memorize its contents and answer questions about it at the end of the day.

Ecosystems Studies

Focuses on the energy pyramid and the flow of energy through ecosystems.

Animal of the Day

Similar to the newspaper activity, participants learn about various animals each day.

Bongo Tribe

Participants are divided into five groups in a scenario where a tribe owns land that three companies want to develop. This activity teaches conflict resolution and working under pressure.

Sustainability Game

Teams are given chips representing fish in the sea. Over multiple stages, participants learn that conserving resources leads to greater rewards, while greed does not.

These activities are just a few highlights of what Camp Tholo has to offer. We have many more activities designed to enhance your environmental education experience, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging camp.