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Camp Tholo 

AddingValue and changing lives

Life Skills, Business, and Mentoring at Camp Tholo

At Camp Tholo, we are dedicated to the holistic development of individuals. Whether your organization requires corporate team building, support for teens at risk, or development for church or other groups, we can design a high-impact program to radically shift thinking and behavior. Partnering with our sister brand, IamNext Projects, we provide comprehensive tools and resources to facilitate this transformation.

IamNext Leadership Tool Box

The Leadership Tool Box, developed by IamNext Projects, is a series of practical mentoring tools aimed at helping mentors challenge their students to create progress by changing their thinking and behavior.

Series One: My Development Plan

  • My Mind Plan: Focusing on mental growth and development.
  • My Body Plan: Encouraging physical well-being and fitness.
  • My Spirit Plan: Promoting spiritual growth and balance.
  • Tools: Providing practical tools for personal development.
  • Time Line: Setting and tracking goals over time.
  • Leadership Roles Redefined: Exploring new approaches to leadership.

Series Two: Leadership as a Team Effort

  • The Vision Carrier: Holding and communicating the vision.
  • The Custodian: Maintaining and protecting the vision.
  • The Educator: Teaching and guiding the team.
  • The Energizer: Motivating and inspiring the team.
  • The Strategist: Planning and executing the vision.

Series Three: Elements of Leadership

  • Communication: Enhancing effective communication skills.
  • Motivation: Understanding and applying motivation techniques.
  • Care: Emphasizing the importance of caring for team members.
  • Planning: Developing strategic planning abilities.
  • Influence: Building and utilizing influence.
  • The Missed Concept…Leadership: Addressing common misconceptions about leadership.

Series Four: Misconceptions of Leadership

  • Authority: Redefining the use of authority.
  • Testing: Learning from challenges and tests.
  • Foundations: Building strong foundational skills.
  • Image: Understanding the role of image in leadership.
  • Success: Redefining success in leadership.

Series Five: The Leadership Arrow

  • The Arrow Head: Leading with vision and direction.
  • The Shaft: Providing stability and support.
  • The Fletching: Ensuring guidance and accuracy.
  • The Nock: Connecting and aligning with the team.
  • The Binding: Unifying all elements of leadership.

Series Six: Making Art-Business Basics

  • Value: Understanding personal and business value.
  • Money: Managing finances effectively.
  • Relationships: Building and maintaining professional relationships.
  • Cash Flow: Ensuring smooth financial operations.
  • Building the Plan: Creating and executing strategic business plans.

These series are designed to support individuals in their personal and professional growth, making them equally beneficial for employed individuals, self-employed individuals, and job seekers.

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At Camp Tholo, we tailor our programs to fit your specific needs, ensuring a customized and impactful experience for all participants.