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     Camp Tholo 

AddingValue and changing lives

Adventure and leadership
Below are some of our activities.  Many are not listed on this website.  We will work with you to ensure that your camp is custom designed to meet the your unique needs.

Obstacle Course-

A series of obstacles that teammates have to overcome together.  This activity encourages the participants; to overcome fears, persevere even when they think that  they can’t do something, build team spirit and communication

Treasure Hunt- A fun night time activity where participants have to memorize charts at various check point, they then answer questions to receive a clue as to where the treasure is.  Participants learn the importance of taking note of detail.

Amazing Race-

A member of each team has to hide away vouchers for different items.  They then draw a map which their team mates will use to find the vouchers.  Once they have all the vouchers they will then get the items that they need to make a cup of tea.  Participants learn about communication and team work.

Water games-

Various games played with water.  This activity is not only fun but builds team work and encourage participants to think.

Leadership Pairs-

Teams have to pair up words with definitions.  Participants learn key words to be a successful leader such as passion, humbleness, perseverance, sacrifice, service etc.

Square puzzle- Teams race to complete their puzzle first. Once all four puzzles are built they are then combined together to form a giant game board.  An elimination game then commences.  In order to be successful in this activity, participants need to have an eye for detail and must be good at strategy and planning. 

Inventions- This is also a team exercise.  Each team has to think of a unique new invention and make an advert for it.  During this night time activity, participants have to think outside the box and become creative.

Team challenges Problem Solving-

This is a series of activities that challenge participant’s problem solving abilities.  Team challenges also promote good team work and communication.

Leadership Solitaire-

Participants have to write a poem about their role model, stating why they think he/she is a good leader.

Priority Pyramids-

Participants have to place various social and environmental issues in order of importance.  During this activity participants learn to get their point of view across.  They also will have to defend their view points against other participants.

Battle of the Tribes-

Teams has to complete various tasks which will transform them in to a tribe.  Each tribe then has to do an entertaining presentation about their tribe’s language, customs, etc.  This is not only fun and entertaining but it is also an excellent team building exercise.

Vision Charts-

Participants have to take time to think about their life and where it is going.  They then have to make a poster from magazine cut outs, describing the vision for their life.

Food Auction- This is a fun activity where teams have to bid on and buy mystery items.  Some items are good and others not.  

Letter to an animal-There is a scenario that the earth is days away from flooding.  There is a space ship that can take everybody but one animal has to remain behind.  Teams have to decide which animal they are going to leave behind.  They then have to write a letter to this animal and present it to the animal. This has to be done in an entertaining way.  Participants learn environmental responsibility.  This is also an excellent team building excise. Letter to an animal is normally an evening activity.


Teams learn how to use a compass.  They then have to use the compass to find different points.  At each point participants will have to apply first aid to one of the team members.  The group that completes all their tasks first correctly wins.  This is not only an excellent team building excise but participants also learn a bit of first aid.

Team Challenges Fun-

This a series of fun challenges which teams have to complete.  It promotes team work and communication.

Tholo has Talent-

Based on the TV Show, SA has talent.  Participants have opportunity to show case their talent.  This is an evening programme.


This is the most favorite activity by most campers.  Two team members of each team get kidnapped.  The remaining team members have to complete a series of tasks in order to earn money.  Once they have accumulated enough money to pay the ransom.  They then have to find their team mates.  This is an excellent team building activity.

Camp Songs-

Teams have to make songs about their experience on camp and what they learn. 

Camp fire -

Camp Fire is a time to unwind and have fun, sing songs, do skits, tell stories, braai marshmallows etc. This is an excellent way to end camp.