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     Camp Tholo 

AddingValue and changing lives

Environmental Education
Our environmental activities are both fun and educational.  We have just listed a few below.  We will work with you to ensure that you have the correct activities to meet your desired out come for your camp.

Bush Walk-

This is normally done early in the morning.  Participants are taken on a walk where they will learn various facts about the natural environment (plants, animals, insects, spiders, birds etc.)


Finding HIPPO-

This activity teachers participants about five key environmental problems. Namely Habitat Destruction, Introduced species, Pollution, Population Growth, Over consumption

Enviro picture building-

In this activity various challenges regarding the environment is discussed such as global warming, deforestation, pollution, erosion, rural issues and agriculture.

Water Studies-

Water Studies are based on the Mini SASS which was developed to teach learners how to assess water quality in rivers and dams by looking at the insects that are found in that water body.

Listening skills (ecology) -

During this activity, participants learn different aspects of ecology.

Enviro-picture building

Insect Hunt- Participants use nets catch insects and the have to identify them.

 Enviro-ball- Participants learn different facts about the environment.

Animal Auction- This activity teaches the learners the difference between herbivores, omnivores, scavengers and predators.

Wild life treasure hunt- Participants have to memorize different cards and then have to answer questions.  The first team to get their answers correct will get a clue to find a treasure.

Star Gazing- participants learn about the different objects in the night sky.


Everyday a new newspaper gets put out on the wall.  Learners have to memorize the contents.  Then at the end of the day they have to answer questions about it.  Each newspaper has a different environmental theme.

Eco-systems studies-

The focus of this activity is the energy pyramid.

Animal Of the Day

This is similar to the newspaper.  In this activity participants learn about various animals.

Bongo Tribe 

 Participants are divided in to five groups.  The scenario is that there is a Tribe that owns the land (The Strong River Valley).  There are three companies that want to buy land and develop it.  Before development can take place they need approval from the conservation department.  During this activity participants learn conflict resolution and working under pressure.

Sustainability game-

Teams are given chips which represent fish in the sea. The game is played over a number of stages.  At the beginning of each stage members of the group can eat as much fish as they want.  At the end of each stage whatever groups have left will be doubled.  Participants soon learn that the more they save, the more they will get and being greedy does not get you far.