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     Camp Tholo 

AddingValue and changing lives


Tholo is here for the holistic development of people.  Some organizations require more in depth human capital development e.g Corporate team building, teens at risk, church or other development organizations.  We can construct a high impact programme designed to radically shift peoples thinking and behavior.  This we do with the back up of our sister brand IamNext Projects (

Leadership Tool Box

The Leadership Tool Box is a resource developed by IamNext Projects consists of a series of practical mentoring tools. They are designed to assist  mentors to challenge their students create progress in their lives by changing their thinking and behavior. 

•My Development Plan
Series one focuses on the importance of taking responsibility to develop yourself;
•My Mind Plan
•My Body Plan
•My Spirit Plan
•Time Line
•Leadership roles redefined
Series Two is a fresh approach to leadership, it proposed that leadership is a team effort instead of a sole burden;
•The Vision Carrier
•The Custodian
•The Educator
•The Energizer
The Strategist
•Elements of leadership
Series Three helps us understand some of the critical qualities that leadership requires to function effectively;
•The Missed Concept…Leadership
Series Four address some common misconceptions that are associated with leadership;
•The Leadership Arrow
Series Five investigates how each leader develops differently and including the challenges and hurt they encounter in the process
•The Arrow Head
•The Shaft
•The Fletching
•The Nock
•The Binding
Making Art-Business Basics
Series Six helps the individual to understand basic principals that will advance their career.  This series is equally beneficial to employed, self-employed and employment seekers;
•Cash Flow
•Building the Plan