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Camp Tholo 

AddingValue and changing lives

The year 2020 has highlighted many social challenges we face globally. Many react and are contributing to the solution. 

Here at Tholo, we spend time deliberating and taking an in-depth look into issues. We do our best to trace the root cause of the problem before responding with a proposed solution.

Add value and Change lives.  This is the Tholo Leads the way CC motto. So our natural impulse is to create packages that provide solutions to address important challenges.

2020  has seen many outraged against violent crimes.  Particularly sexual violence.


Our view is that these along with many other crimes find their root in the broken family and community structures. 

We can no longer standby and allow these cycles of destruction to continue before our eyes.

Fathers and Daughters

Daddy's Girl

In response to challenges that girls have been experiencing such as abuse and prejudice. Many girls lack education and/or can’t afford much need hygiene products.  Girls' battling depression and self-esteem issues.  While big business is using misinformation and proper gander to sell unnecessary and harmful products.

At the same time, there is a host of good-loving dads out that want to reach out to growing girls in this modern world.  Every Dad or husband has stood in the sanitary pads section of the grocery store totally confused, not remembering which product he was sent to buy.  The brave ones pluck up the courage to ask a stranger a very embarrassing question.  Others walk away hoping never to return.

  Camp Tholo has become part of the solution by providing innovative programmes.  Such as the Father-Daughter day.   This day Programme aids Fathers and daughters to bond while gaining tools to navigate through life.


The morning starts off with a registration session, followed by a short introduction including some fun ice breakers. First up is a bonding excise for father and daughter.  Then the pair is joined with other girls and dads to form teams where they face off rival teams in heart-racing Camp Tholo activities.


A hearty lunch is enjoyed before the afternoon session commences.  This includes an educational topic, such as feminine hygiene, self-defense, nutrition skin, and haircare,

The day ended with an emotional debriefing session where the girls and dads pledge care and support for each other.

Mothers and Sons

Mommas  Boy

The media tells a grim tale of genders at war, overcrowded prisons, men at large behaving badly.

Once upon a time, this was a hurting boy that needed help.  He might have been abused or just struggled to interact socially.  He could have been bullied or lacked adequate communication skills.

This boy has become a man as his struggle was left unsolved.   The innocent has grown into a monster.  Society now calls him trash and throws him in prison.

Can we take a moment to stop and reflect! Is it's possible to prevent the boy from becoming a monster? Shall we at least try?

Today young boys have to navigate numerous challenges from bullying to shaving to infinity and depression, often by a single mother and an abusive father or even no father at all.

Most moms are already doing a great job. However, if we are going to raise a generation of leaders then let us give moms all the help we can.

These programs are much like the fathers and daughters, only they will focus on topics related to boys and their moms.

Topics will include; bullying, social etiquette, anger management, hygiene, fitness, nutrition.